About Us

 The Territory Tellers group was founded in the early 1980’s by a group of storytellers that included, among others, Rosemary Czarski, Marie Harris, Rodger Harris, Barbara McBride Smith, Lynn Moroney, Fran Stallings and Letty Watt, who was the first president of the group. The first official meeting of the Territory Tellers was in Oklahoma City on Nov. 10, 1984.

Today, the Territory Tellers, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with members from across the state and region, continues to fulfill its mission goals:

  • To offer opportunities to learn the art of storytelling
  • To host and support storytelling concerts and events
  • To conduct storytelling workshops
  • To provide information about storytellers and storytelling
  • To participate in professional conferences and local and regional events
  • To educate the public on the value of storytelling
  • To entertain the public with first-class storytellers and events

Board of Directors

The Territory Tellers board is made up of people from across the state. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact the President. Click on the name to email the officer or board member or to see more information about him/her.


  •  “Our stories are the footprint of our lives. Thank your heritage of stories for the path way to the future!”–Bonnie Smith, President
  •  Our stories are the true treasures we leave behind for family and friends.”–Liz Parker, Vice-President
  •  “Telling stories helps define my community and myself to encourage understanding of the people that inhabit all communities”–Rosemary Czarski, Secretary


  • “From the historical to the future, from the fantastical to the real, stories are the DNA that make us who we are.”–Tony Hardman, Past President


Lorie Carmichael
Richard Czarski
Barbara Jones
Sheron Rodgers
David Titus
Letty Watt


  • “Storytelling is a lifelong journey in words that is a continual process and not an event, which is the motto of my life.”–Shaun Perkins, Webmaster & Liaison


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