TT storyteller Marilyn Hudson

This page contains a list of current members of Territory Tellers. They are professional and amateur storytellers and story listeners. Click on the name to find out more about each person.

NOTE to SPONSORS: If you want help finding a particular type of teller for an event, email Shaun Perkins, and she will put out a call on the TT member email list. While the city of residence is given below, be aware that most tellers will travel.

TELLERS: If you are a TT member, your name is listed here with the date your membership is due. If you have a website, please email the information to Shaun, and she will add it here. OR if you simply want your contact information and a photograph on this site, email that information to Shaun, and she will make a page for you, linked from this page.

Member Directory


Rosie Best-Cutrer, Topeka KS (6-7-22)
Tim Couch, Dallas, TX (6-14-22)
Eldrena Douma, Amarillo/Canyon TX (5-16-22)
Elizabeth Ellis, Dallas TX (8-20-22)
Diane Fallis, Bartlesville (9-15-24)
Marilyn A. Hudson, Stroud (3-9-22)
Barbara Jones, Oklahoma City (6-5-22)
Molly Lemmons, Mustang (7-22-21)
Shaun Perkins, Locust Grove (perpetual)
Fran Stallings, Bartlesville (5-12-22)
David Titus, Lawton (5-23-22)

Other Tellers & Members

Darla Alexander, Yukon (3-6-22)
Teresa Black, Clayton (5-3-21)
Candi Boehme, Houston TX (9-2-23)
Loralee Cooley, Albuquerque NM (8-20-22)
Richard Czarski, Jones (6-13-22)
Rosemary Czarski, Jones (6-13-22)
Teddi Duncan, Sapulpa (5-23-22)
Sharron Edmondson, Jay (5-6-22)
Barbara Fisher, Sand Springs (6-11-22)
Connie Fisher, Sand Springs (6-11-22)
Raymond Foster, Irving TX (10-23-22)
Paulette Geeslin, Oklahoma City (4-28-20)
Kenneth Goodroe, Houston TX (5-29-22)
Tony Hardman, Goodwell (6-27-22)
Pat Kardaleff, Lawton (11-2-22)
Steve Kardaleff, Lawton (11-2-22)
Julie Kelly, Edmond (4-28-22)
Valerie Kimble, Norman (7-13-22)
Carole Knop, Oklahoma City (9-16-22)
James Leonard, Buffalo (11-20-21)
Pat Lindsey, Apache (7-31-30)
Karen Littlefield, Edmond (10-16-22)
Sam McMichael, Oklahoma City (9-16-22)
Kianoosh Motaref, Oro Valley AZ (10-23-22)
Brooks Myers, Austin TX (4-28-22)
Margo Myles, Vallejo CA (8-20-22)
Liz Parker, Midwest City (5-24-22)
Sheron Rodgers, Warr Acres (5-23-22)
Scott Saner, Ardmore (6-25-22)
Tina Saner, Ardmore (6-25-22)
Stephanie Scott, Ada (5-29-22)
Bonnie Smith, Apache (4-25-21)
Teresa Vail, LeQuire (6-19-22)
Letty Watt, Norman (4-12-21)
Chester Weems, Yukon (4-28-23)
Elizabeth Weems, Lafayette LA (8-26-22)
Kim Weems, Yukon (8-25-22)
Velma Weems, Yukon (4-28-23)
Eddie Wilcoxen, Park Hill (1-20-23)
Joan Wilcoxen, Park Hill (1-20-23)
Eden Wofsey, New York NY (9-15-22)

*If you are a TT member listed on this page and have a website or Facebook page you would like your name linked with, please email Shaun Perkins , and she will make the change!