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This page contains a list of current (or close!) members of Territory Tellers. They are professional and amateur storytellers and story listeners. Click on the name to find out more about each person.

NOTE to SPONSORS: If you want help finding a particular type of teller for an event, email Shaun Perkins, and she will put out a call on the TT member email list. While the city of residence is given below, be aware that most tellers will travel.

TELLERS: If you are a TT member, your name is listed here with the date your membership is due. If you have a website, please email the information to Shaun, and she will add it here. OR if you simply want your contact information and a photograph on this site, email that information to Shaun, and she will make a page for you, linked from this page.

Member Directory

Tellers (w/web information)*

Sandra Aguirre-Magana, El Paso TX (5-5-23)
Rosie Best-Cutrer, Topeka KS (6-7-22)
Tim Couch, Dallas, TX (6-14-24)
Eldrena Douma, Amarillo/Canyon TX (5-31-23)
Elizabeth Ellis, Dallas TX (8-20-22)
Diane Fallis, Bartlesville (9-15-26)
Marilyn A. Hudson, Stroud (4-19-23)
Barbara Jones, Oklahoma City (6-5-23)
Jim Kissane, Lutz FL (12-17-23)
Molly Lemmons, Mustang (5-20-24)
Shaun Perkins, Locust Grove (perpetual)
Fran Stallings, Bartlesville (5-12-23)
David Titus, Lawton (1-6-25)

Other Tellers & Members

Darla Alexander, Yukon (12-16-23)
Karen Archer, San Antonio TX (6-6-23)
Judy Barker, Piedmont OK (7-30-24)
Teresa Black, Clayton (5-3-21)
Candi Boehme, Houston TX (9-2-23)
Barbara Carter, St. Louis MO (5-18-23)
Loralee Cooley, Albuquerque NM (8-20-22)
Richard Czarski, Jones (6-13-24)
Rosemary Czarski, Jones (6-13-24)
Teddi Duncan, Sapulpa (5-23-22)
Sharron Edmondson, Jay (5-6-22)
Barbara Fisher, Sand Springs (6-11-23)
Connie Fisher, Sand Springs (6-11-23)
Gary Friedel, Sapulpa (10-11-23)
Raymond Foster, Irving TX (10-23-22)
Paulette Geeslin, Oklahoma City (4-28-20)
Kenneth Goodroe, Houston TX (5-29-22)
Tony Hardman, Goodwell (6-27-24)
Jeanette Harjo, Maude (1-18-24)
Pat Kardaleff, Lawton (11-2-22)
Steve Kardaleff, Lawton (11-2-22)
Julie Kelly, Edmond (1-20-24)
Donna Le, Mulhall (1-31-24)
Valerie Kimble, Norman (7-5-25)
Carole Knop, Oklahoma City (9-16-22)
Sue Kuentz, Bulverde TX (12-10-23)
James Leonard, Buffalo (11-20-21)
Pat Lindsey, Apache (7-31-30)
Karen Littlefield, Edmond (10-16-22)
Kemberly Marley, Noble (5-11-23)
Nancy Matthews, Tomball TX (6-1-24)
McLaughlin, Jaye, Denton TX (5-24-23)
Sam McMichael, Oklahoma City (9-16-22)
Kianoosh Motaref, Oro Valley AZ (10-23-22)
Brooks Myers, Austin TX (6-04-23)
Margo Myles, Vallejo CA (8-20-22)
Alice Nathan, Blue Springs MO (1-22-24)
Carlie Parker, Noble OK (5-11-23)
Liz Parker, Midwest City (5-24-23)
Betty Perkins, Locust Grove (1-10-24)
Fred Peters, McAllen TX (6-28-23)
Doris Rable, Locust Grove (1-10-24)
Gary Robertson, Byers (6-15-23)
Sheron Rodgers, Warr Acres (6-03-23)
Vivian Rutherford, Lorena, TX (5-3-23)
Scott Saner, Ardmore (6-25-24)
Tina Saner, Ardmore (6-25-24)
Stephanie Scott, Ada (5-29-22)
Bonnie Smith, Apache (2-2-25)
Lonnie Thomas, Papillion NE (12-18-23)
Teresa Vail, LeQuire (6-19-24)
Letty Watt, Norman (1-31-24)
Chester Weems, Yukon (4-28-23)
Elizabeth Weems, Lafayette LA (8-26-22)
Kim Weems, Yukon (8-25-22)
Velma Weems, Yukon (4-28-23)
Richard White, Blue Springs MO (1-22-24)
Eddie Wilcoxen, Park Hill (1-20-23)
Joan Wilcoxen, Park Hill (1-20-23)
Eden Wofsey, New York NY (9-15-22)
Peggy Wolfe, Perkins (1-31-24)

*If you are a TT member listed on this page and have a website or Facebook page you would like your name linked with, please email Shaun Perkins , and she will make the change!

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