TT is an organization of  storytellers, story listeners, and anyone who shares a love for the art of oral storytelling. Territory Tellers offers opportunities to learn the art of storytelling by supporting storytelling concerts, conducting workshops and providing information at professional conferences and local and regional events.

The Territory Tellers organization is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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  1. I am the Coordinator of the Great Plains Literacy Council, Altus, OK. I have written and submitted a proposal that will use storytelling in a Family Literacy Project to enhance English language acquisition. I am very interested in storytelling, especially the research on storytelling and teaching English that is coming out of the UK. I was excited to learn of the Territory Tellers, and would like to make a visit to one of your events. We will hear about this particular grant funding (very modest, however), but whether we are funded or not, I would like to pursue the use of stories to increase literacy.

  2. EXCELLENT accomplishments, and what a stupendously valuable cause — how do we connect with you for training & education — please contact me — gwindon@msn.com

    • Please come to our festival June 7-8 in Moore, just south of Oklahoma City! Full information is on this website.

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