2023 Winter Retreat

January 27-28, 2023

Oak Park Retreat Center

805 E. Kirk, Perkins OK (about 10 miles south of Stillwater)

Photo of David Titus and participants Saturday night by Chester Weems


Just wanted to share the general overview of the retreat this weekend. We realize not everyone who wanted to could come but perhaps in the future situations will allow more participation.

It seemed to go very well. The all volunteer site hosts were terrific. They were fun, we enjoyed visiting with them, and seemingly they with us. They provide some good food and worked wonderfully to meet our needs. 

Friday evening we enjoyed some get acquainted activities where everyone participated in some improv work and short fun stories. We finally wore out about 9:30. Everyone participated, including some who normally do not, as well as guests from Missouri from the River and Prairie Storyteller folks.

Saturday morning the board met for a regular meeting. Those not attending the board meeting met in the conference center to discuss and share story related items.

Sam McMichael had donated some storytelling books and David Titus donated unusual rock crystals which were offered for sale and offered to members and the audience Saturday night to pick up for bargain prices while benefiting our treasury a bit. Many thanks to both Sam and David for this generous donation. It helped reduce our organization retreat costs by probably a third, perhaps more when we get the final tally.

We picked up a couple of new members, which was neat.

Valerie Kimble lead a workshop, or really a group discussion, on gathering stories which was attended by almost all and great ideas were shared.

Then Shaun Perkins did her fun activity where, using photographs, people could create stories from those images. She also did a couple of “going around the circle” activities where you build a story. Stimulates imagination. Shaun is a storehouse of creativity.

At 2:30 Eldrena Douma served as MC and leader of a practice concert. It was set up just like the later public concert, except along the way occasional tips were shared to improve individual telling. Everyone who wanted to try out a story got a chance, including a couple of very new tellers. It was really a low stress chance to be a participant, not just an observer.

Then the big event, the ending community concert. Approximately 75 people participated in the 90 minute event, and judging by the reactions they had a great time. Tellers included Donna Courtney form the Chickasaw Nation who told a creation story and also did some pre-concert flute music. Liz Parker did her terrific, and always a crowd favorite, spoonerism on Cinderella. We welcomed a new member, Peggy Wolfe, a Perkins storyteller who was most entertaining with her gourmet cooking story with fire ants and such. Valerie Kimble did a travel story about her and her sister eating in an exclusive restaurant in China. Shaun Perkins did a great story using a drum. David Titus closed the evening with his string figure stories, including an audience participation thing which the group seemed to really enjoy. Chester Weems served as MC.

Sorry not everyone could make it, but keep on listening and telling as you can.

If you are not a TT member, please consider joining us. The dues are only $25 per year. You can sign up HERE.

If you are a member but unsure when your membership expires, you can see a list of current members and due dates HERE.

Questions? Email Chester.

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