Territory Tellers winter 2013 retreat – January 25-26 – “Warm us at the fire”

We will meet in northeastern Oklahoma at the Sequoyah (Western Hills) Lodge. The phone number for reservations is 918-772-2545; there is a $50 rate per night until Oct. 29 for Territory Tellers guests.

Friday night workshop will be presented by our Territory Tellers member, Luann Sewell Waters.
Carved in Stone: the hidden meaning of gravestone graphics

If you have visited Arlington Cemetery, the Pyramids, Gettysburg or Greyfriars Kirkyard, you entered a world where a secret language tells the story of the dead and the living. Gravestones and cemeteries are rich in a language of symbols, a language the translation of which changes over time making it difficult to interpret the original meaning. Graveyard customes also change over time. By studying the symbols on grave markers and cemetery customs, especially those in Oklahoma, you’ll learn more than the person’s name and dates. You’ll wlak away with histories, science, art and historic architecture.

Our Saturday morning workshop will be hosted by Tim Couch, our Texas Territory Teller! He will present: Raising the curtain, master of ceremony tips and tricks for presenting programs. Tim has been the Master of ceremony at many storytelling events, both in Oklahoma and Texas. He will share his
experience on getting your audience ready for any type of presentation! From knowing your event, keeping the crowd engaged and presenting your speakers in a fun, favorable light; Tim will enlighten us with his 90 presentation.

We will have a story swap in the afternoon on Saturday with lodge guests and teller members. Saturday night’s top off our story events will be an evening performance from our “Teller couples” – Pat and Steve Kardaleff & Jeanette and Phillip Harjo! We hope the weather holds for our retreat and will be looking forward to seeing tellers in the new year.

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