Jan 25, 2013 Winter Retreat Workshop Friday Night


We will meet at Western Hills on Friday for workshops and more, here is one workshop to entice you!

Carved in Stone:  The Hidden Meaning of Gravestone Graphics  

If you’ve visited Arlington Cemetery, the Pyramids, Gettysburg or Greyfriars Kirkyard, you entered a world where a secret language tells the story of the dead…and the living.  Gravestones and cemeteries are rich in a language of symbols, a language the translation of which changes over time making it difficult to interpret the original meaning.  Graveyard customs also change over time.  By studying the symbols on grave markers and cemetery customs, especially those in Oklahoma, you’ll learn more than the person’s name and dates.  You’ll walk away with histories, biography and genealogy, including social membership and occupations.  You can also learn science, art and historic architecture.

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