Stella Long

stella 002Stella was born in the eastern woods below a mountain in Eastern Oklahoma and lived a life of hardship. When she felt sad, she’d walk to the place she called her own “Magic Mountain” to be with her friends, the little creatures of the wild. At the age of ten, she was sent away to a boarding school. She became ill at age seventeen and was transferred to the Talihina Indian Hospital for five years and tells of her experiences there.
“In living those years, I have a learned a difficult life, or a wound, is the place where we encounter life to know its power and its way. Life can speak to us through anyone, through a person who has never been educated, or who does not speak your language, through someone who is ill or dying or through a child. Life is filled with mystery where we can find the wisdom to glimpse into ourselves to understand what makes us who we are.”

“My stories consist of Healing and Humor. Friends and laughter are always the best medicine. I retired from Rose State College in 1998.”

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