Kathryn Thurman

kthurmanKathryn Thurman is a professional Musician and Storyteller who uses her unique musical background to create entertaining stories that can be enhanced with different types of music. Audiences may see such instruments as the psaltery, slide whistle, finger cymbals, spoons, kazoos, and percussion frogs. She has spent the last twenty years performing in schools, libraries, museums, Girl Scout camps, civic groups and community events. Each program is crafted with an element of fellowship, friendship, and fun, perfect for any type of audience.

A published Author and Book Reviewer, she travels to diverse locations to perform for audiences of all ages, such as preschool children who love animal stories, Book Clubs looking for a book review, Seniors who enjoy family stories, school students learning about the Land Run, and Scouts who love Ghost Stories at the Campfire.

With a background involving over fifty theatrical and musical productions, Kathryn brings the spontaneity of the theater into her performances. When possible, she adds audience participation and interaction by teaching a song or dance movement, clapping a lively rhythm or rap rhyme.

Kathryn’s background includes a (Muskogee) Creek Great-Grandmother who shared her heritage through stories, and began Kathryn’s journey that has led her to becomming an accomplished Native American flute musician and teacher.

Contact her for Musical Story Programs which include:
Fairy Tales & Folktales from around the World / Campfire and Ghost Stories / Land Run and Cowboy Stories / Oklahoma Tall Tales / Native American Trickster Tales and Animal Stories

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