Festival Freebie: Your Portrait Photo

Want a Free Photo Portrait? Chester Weems has you covered.

To Qualify You Have To:

1.     Register and attend the Territory Tellers Annual Festival in Stroud June 2-3

2.     Be there on Saturday June 3rd.

3.     Be a storyteller, storyteller family member, be at least a 3rd cousin twice removed, or just like stories and show up. 

Stella Long by Chester Weems
Connie Fisher by Chester Weems

At the festival I am going to bring a portrait setup to take photos of anyone who wants one done.

Note: No Children -Too Wiggly and Scary. The portrait will be done at no charge and I will email you the images.

If you decide later you want hard copy prints I can do those also, but there will be a charge for my printing and mailing costs. I am not charging for my services, just expenses. For example an 8.5 x 11 will cost about $6.00 mailed.

Limitations: I take your photo as you show up. I do not do retouching (don’t know how), but I will crop to make you look as appropriate as I can. 

It will be a simple 2 light setup with neutral background. Something hopefully you can use for your own promotion, and you will have the rights to use the image. It will be a head shot or perhaps a 3/4 body shot if you have a prop.

Why am I doing this? For over 20 years I have been photographing storytellers wherever I can. I want to add to my collection. Also, sometimes there is a need for a head shot for advertising or promotion services and it would be nice to have those files available. And it is another benefit of being a member of Territory Tellers.

–Chester Weems

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