Barbara Jones

Photo by Chester Weems

Barbara Wright Jones caught the storytelling fever when she was a child telling spooky tales to her sisters and friends. She grew up in Oklahoma, but as an adult her love for travel took her throughout the United States and Latin America. After returning to her home state she began telling stories professionally. Her years of travel opened a new world, and she continues to draw on that knowledge, adding life and richness to her stories.

Barbara is an author, educator, storyteller, and workshop speaker. She serves as secretary for Territory Tellers, is on the executive board for PAWS writers association, and is a member of Respect Diversity Foundations Speaker’s Bureau. She has written a book of puppet plays, a short collection of bug poems, stories, and songs, several books for Spanish language teachers, as well as a biography, In the Footsteps of the Pioneers. Her most recent book, Rolling Heads and Other Tales to Tell, is medley of stories of Spanish explorers and folk tales of the native people of the Americas. Her stories and articles have been published in several including The Red Dirt Book 2007 Anthology. She has performed story programs in many venues across the United States including libraries, story festivals, schools, conferences, and teacher workshops. She travels with a story group, History of the Heart. Her performances include, legends, inspirational stories, family stories, Bible stories, Folk tales, & bilingual stories.

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