SOOSF is drawing near, June 7-8 is just around the corner!

Friday afternoon we will have a workshop with Tim Tingle, Coloring with words, creating effective images with storytelling; writing and telling 130-3 PM, prior to our annual general session membership meeting @ 4PM.  The Auction and vendor booths will be open in the afternoon, as well.  Join us for telling, listening and education we will be preserving and promoting the oral tradition of storytelling! Join us in Seminole next month! Image


Spirit of Oklahoma Festival is less than Three weeks away!

The Territory Tellers have many good friends, who help fund our festival!
A shout out goes to:
Connie and Barbara Fisher
Pat and Steve Kardaleff
Liz Parker
Tony Hardman
Tall Grass Tellers – Bartlesville
Valerie Kimble
Chester Weems
Darla L’Allier

If we did not list your support contact Territory Tellers and let us know! Contact our treasurer Paulette Geeslin via our website @

We will see you all in June for the festival!

New storytelling Guild Kansas & festival information

According to Doug Bennett, instructor and storyteller, we are trying to preserve the art of the oral tradition, in Kansas. There are plans in the works for the formation of a Southeast Kansas Storytelling Guild. The purpose for this storytelling guild is to give support to storytellers by offering a venue to create and tell stories, to teach others how to create and tell stories and to produce storytelling events in and around southeast Kansas.

Anyone over 18 interested in being a part of the storytelling guild may call Bennett at 620-308-5305 or

More Kansas information
April 26 & 27, 2013 will be the 20th annual Kansas Storytelling Festival!